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A. General

1. A “supervisor” is a City employee who directs another City employee, group, team, division, department or operation.

2. A supervisor ensures the work of the City is accomplished and that each employee she or he supervises succeeds in the workplace. In most cases, such workplace success is accomplished by understanding each employee’s professional skills and abilities; by fostering loyalty and pride in the workplace; and by supporting and directing employee skills and abilities in a manner that promotes and advances the objectives of the City.

3. As management representatives, supervisors will be held to a high standard in respect and courtesy, and other standards of conduct. Supervisors are expected to be examples for others to follow.

B. Primary Functions of a Supervisor

1. The primary functions of a supervisor are planning and leading.

a. Planning involves:

i. Identifying workplace goals and objectives, methods, processes, resources, and action plans;

ii. Communication with and feedback from the employees who perform the service or help produce the product affected by the plan;

iii. Effective communication with City division and department managers regarding the resources required to carry out plans;

iv. The professional development of all employees a supervisor is responsible for; and

v. Overseeing the implementation of the direction given to individual employees.

b. Leading involves:

i. Setting direction for individual employees, workgroups, or operations and

ii. Championing the success of each employee and workgroup.

2. If a supervisor has supervisory and non-supervisory responsibilities, the supervisor may not ignore or set aside his or her supervisory responsibilities due to non-supervisory duties. In the event non-supervisory assignments routinely or regularly interfere with supervisory work, a supervisor shall discuss work assignments with his or her supervisor – with the goal of assuring continuous, effective supervision of City work.

C. Courtesy and Respect

All City employees shall display courtesy and respect toward supervisors, co-workers, subordinates and the public in accordance with the City’s policy on Courteous and Respectful Behavior (Policies and Procedures, Part 12.III, Grounds for Discipline).

D. Employee Privacy

Supervisors must respect the privacy concerns of the employees they supervise. Supervisors must understand and comply with medical privacy requirements. Supervisors should conduct any necessary counseling of individual employees in a private setting, as appropriate.

E. Communication with Employees

Supervisors shall communicate regularly with their employees regarding the work group operations and individual performance, including specifically the following:

a. Effectively communicate to employees the goals, mission and objections of the work group, team, division, department, and City;

b. Effectively communicate with each employee to learn the employee’s perspective regarding customer needs and resource requirements;

c. Effectively communicate with each employee regarding workplace performance and conduct expectations;

d. Effectively communicate with each employee concerning specific job assignments and tasks, including timelines and job/task objectives;

e. Effectively recognize employee and work group successes;

f. Listen to and seriously consider employee suggestions and recommendations.

F. City Ordinances, Policies and Procedures

Supervisors are responsible to obtain a thorough knowledge and understanding of laws and ordinances, City / department policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to the employees they supervise. Supervisors should request from their Department Heads or Supervisors, and they shall provide, appropriate training, mentors or other resources to give supervisors the opportunity to obtain the level of knowledge and understanding in these areas to perform their supervisory duties effectively.

G. Department Processes and Practices

Department heads shall implement departmental processes or practices addressing supervisory responsibilities consistent with this policy and other applicable statutes, ordinances, policies and procedures. Such processes or practices shall specifically set forth the following:

a. Recordkeeping requirements associated with employee supervision within the department, as set forth more specifically in Section I, below;

b. Chain-of-command/supervisory span of control within each department to avoid multiple supervisors directing the same employee at the same time and processes for an employee to raise and resolve conflicting direction;

c. Processes to ensure constant vigilance regarding workplace safety, and reporting of concerns to designated and appropriate staff;

d. Processes to ensure the immediate reporting or workplace harassment or discrimination complaints, as required by City policy;

e. Processes to facilitate the immediate resolution of workplace disruptions.

H. Education and Training of Employees

1. Supervisors shall ensure new employees and incumbent employees receive initial and continuing education and training regarding:

a. The skills associated with an employee’s assigned duties; and

b. Applicable City ordinances, policies, procedures, guidelines, and departmental policies, procedures, practices and processes.

2. Supervisors shall support each employee in his or her career development, as appropriate.

I. Records

1. Department Heads shall implement department practices and processes for supervisors to follow concerning the creation and maintenance of accurate records of the following:

a. Training and education of employees;

b. Employee recognition;

c. Specific job or task direction given to an employee or workgroup;

d. Employee suggestions, customer service recommendations;

e. Resources support requests (such as funds, training, materials, personnel) from employees;

f. Supervisor job performance evaluations;

g. Non-disciplinary and disciplinary intervention records.

2. When created and maintained in a City department, the following employee records shall be forwarded to Human Resources for inclusion in an employee’s personnel file:

a. Written commendation or recognition;

b. Performance or similar evaluations;

c. Disciplinary letters issued in accordance with City policies and procedures;

d. Records of non-disciplinary intervention shall not be forwarded or maintained in the Human Resources employee personnel files.

J. Disciplinary Authority

The Department Head shall ensure compliance with this policy by all supervisors in their departments and will provide supervisory skill training, as needed. Supervisors who fail to comply with this policy shall be disciplined in accordance with the City’s disciplinary guidelines and policies.