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A. Drug Abuse

1. West Valley City strictly prohibits the possession, use, sale, attempted sale, purchase, attempted purchase, conveyance, distribution, transfer, dispensation, cultivation, and/or manufacture of illicit drugs or other intoxicants at any time, and in any amount or any manner – as well as the abuse/misuse of alcohol and prescription drugs.

2. “Illicit drugs” includes all drugs, narcotics, and intoxicants for which possession or misuse is illegal under federal law, and includes prescription medications for which the individual does not have a valid prescription. The deliberate use of prescription medications and/or over-the-counter drugs in a manner inconsistent with dosing directions, and in a manner which may result in impairment, is considered illicit drug use. In addition, the use of chemical intoxicants for other than a legitimate and therapeutic purpose is considered illicit drug use

B. Alcohol Abuse and Misuse

1. The City prohibits the use or possession of alcohol while working, present on the City’s premises (defined as all buildings, facilities, and property – including parking areas – owned or leased by the City, and all work sites where the City conducts operations), or while representing the City at any time and in any way. “Working” is defined as designated working hours, including all meal and break times, and any time proximate to an individual’s designated working hours in which consumption of alcohol could compromise an individual’s ability to safely and efficiently perform the responsibilities of his or her position.

2. The City also prohibits the use of alcohol, or the possession of opened containers of alcohol, by employees operating City-provided vehicles, or operating any other vehicle while on City business. Moreover, the use or abuse of alcohol off-the-job which could impair, to any extent, performance on-the-job will be considered a violation of this Policy.

C. Use of Prescription Medications

1. Some prescriptions or over the counter medications can negatively impact an employee’s ability to perform job functions. Employees are required to disclose prescription or over the counter medication use to Human Resources if any of the following apply:

a. The employee or employee’s physician believe a medication could negatively impact job performance;

b. The Food and Drug Administration has required a “black box” warning for the medication; or

c. The medication label contains a warning that the medication could negatively impact the ability to drive, operate machinery, or perform any similar function.

2. Employees are responsible for carefully reviewing prescription labels and ensuring compliance with this policy. Amended 05/25/21 EO 21-151