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A. In order to terminate in good standing, employees who are voluntarily terminating their employment should give the City two weeks advance, written notice. The City may choose to terminate the employee prior to the end of the two week notice depending upon the best interests of the City.

B. Whenever possible prior to termination, the Human Resource Office completes an “exit interview” and personnel action form and places the documents in the employee’s personnel file.

C. Employees not terminated for cause receive compensation for accrued eligible compensatory time, PTO, holiday, and overtime.

In the event an employee has been allowed to use holiday hours, prior to the holiday, all hours must be paid back to the City.

D. Employees terminated for cause do not receive compensation for accrued PTO.

E. Employees terminated for cause will receive:

1. A written statement citing the reason for dismissal;

2. The effective date of the dismissal; and

3. A statement of the status of fringe and retirement benefits after dismissal.