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A. West Valley City strives to facilitate the efficient and ethical administration of all taxpayer’s resources. In doing so we expect all employees to create an atmosphere of trust and compliance within their departments and divisions.

B. Employees have a unique and essential role in facilitating honesty, efficiency, and good government.

C. Employees will:

1. Abide by the requirements of federal, state, and local law at all times.

2. Never use public money for an illegal, unethical, or impermissible purpose, and will report any such use of which they are aware of.

3. Strive to create an atmosphere of compliance within their division and department.

4. Never use their position, title, or power for personal benefit.

5. Do their best to do the public’s business as efficiently as possible.

6. Always follow the policies and procedures set forth in the West Valley City Personnel Manual, by their supervisors, and by any applicable law or regulation pertaining to employment with the City.

D. Reporting

1. In the event that an employee observes or perceives any instance of fraud, waste, or abuse, it is expected that they will report these occurrences to their supervisor.

2. In accordance with industry best practices, we also want to make you aware of additional options that may be used to report any misconduct. Employees may report any instance of perceived fraud, waste, or abuse by:

a. Sending an email to

b. Anonymously reporting through the Hotline on the intranet home page

c. Contacting the Finance Department Head

d. Contacting the City Attorney Amended 09/05/18 EO 18-143