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Part 13 Risk Management and Safety

Risk Management Philosophy

This part is included in your selections.

A. Risk Management is the process of reducing the likelihood of an undesired event, and specifically, reducing the likelihood of insuring liability or loss in municipal operations through planning, analysis, documentation and review.

B. The foremost tenet of Risk Management is safety. Consistent and effective safety practices shall be implemented in all municipal operations to protect employees and the public.

C. Second to safety in Risk Management is documentation. Incident and/or accident documentation, contract execution and administration, and training records and review are critical and shall be created and maintained accordingly.

D. Each department Head, in consultation with the Risk Management Division of the City Attorney’s office, is responsible for Risk Management within the department. Every City department will strive to provide an environment which reduces the threat of personal injury or property damage to residents, businesses, visitors, and employees of the City.