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(1) The revenues from police impact fees collected within the service area and accrued interest on such revenues shall be used to finance project costs of qualifying police improvements located within the same service area.

(2) Qualifying police improvements are limited to capital improvements with a useful life of ten years or more that are identified in the adopted Capital Facilities Plan for police impact fees.

(3) Police impact fee revenues may be used to pay for the acquisition or construction of buildings and associated land used to house the City’s police personnel and equipment, including the principal, interest, and other financing costs of bonds, notes, or other obligations issued by or in behalf of the City to finance qualifying improvements.

(4) Monies collected as police impact fees shall not be used to pay for any of the following:

a. Construction, acquisition, or expansion of public facilities other than qualifying police improvements; or

b. Replacement, repair, operation, or maintenance of existing police facilities or capital equipment.

(Ord. No. 97-30 Enacted 07/01/1997)