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The following requirements are applicable within all Agricultural Zones within the City:

(1) All Structures or enclosures for the keeping of Animals, including but not limited to barns, Kennels, corrals, stables, and coops, shall be located at least 40 feet from any dwelling. If no dwelling exists, any such Structures or enclosures must be located a minimum of 100 feet from any public Street.

(2) Existing Lots under one half acre may apply setback standards set forth in Section 7-6-204 for Accessory Buildings if said Accessory Buildings are not used for the keeping of Animals and are subordinate in height and area to the Single Unit Dwelling located on the Lot.

(3) The maintenance and keeping of livestock on a Lot or Parcel of Land in an Agricultural Zone as a Permitted Use shall be limited to a total of 200 Animal points per acre, with fractional amounts of land receiving a prorated point allowance (for example, a 0.5 acre Lot is entitled to 100 points, while a 1.5 acre Lot is entitled to 300 points). Animal points may be spent as follows:

a. Large sized adults over one year of age (over 40 inches in height at the top of the shoulders) – 40 points per Animal. Examples include horses, bison, cattle, llamas, ostriches, camels, and similarly sized creatures.

b. Medium sized adults over one year of age (20 to 40 inches in height at the top of the shoulders) – 20 points per Animal. Examples include miniature cattle and horses, pigs, sheep, goats, and emus.

c. Small sized adults over four months of age (under 20 inches in height at the top of the shoulders) – one point per Animal. Examples include chickens, geese, swans, pigeons, and rabbits.

d. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Section, roosters and crowing hens shall cost 20 points each.

(4) All new Subdivisions in or including property in an Agricultural Zone shall include the following notification on the plat: “This area is subject to the normal, everyday sounds, odors, and other aspects associated with an agricultural lifestyle.”

(5) Inland Port Uses shall:

a. Only be a conditional use in the A, A-1, and A-2 zones if the property is within the authority jurisdictional land boundary of the Utah Inland Port Authority; and

b. Comply with the requirements applicable to developments in the M zone.

(6) Cannabis Production Establishments shall only be allowed as a Conditional Use in the A-1 zone.

(Ord. No. 18-42 Amended 11/13/2018; Ord. No. 19-03 Amended 02/05/2019)