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The following requirements are applicable within all Agricultural and Residential Zones within the City:

(1) Sites must be developed in accordance with all requirements set forth in this Title.

(2) Landscaping shall be maintained in accordance with this Title. In addition, the following Landscaping standards apply to multi-unit housing, Community Uses, and all other nonresidential Uses in all Agricultural and Residential Zones:

a. Minimum required setbacks adjacent to a Street shall be permanently landscaped except for approved access drives.

b. All landscaped areas shall include a perpetually maintained underground irrigation system capable of complete coverage of the landscaped area that is designed to promote water efficiency.

c. All landscaped areas shall be landscaped with a mixture of ground cover, shrubs, and trees. Landscaped areas may include sculptures, patios, or fountains. Where trees are required, four shrubs per tree shall also be required.

d. Required deciduous trees shall be one-and-one-half-inch caliper at installation unless a higher caliper requirement is imposed elsewhere in this Title. Required evergreen trees shall be six feet tall at installation. Required shrubs shall be a minimum of one gallon at installation.

e. Except as provided in Section 7-11-205, Landscaping shall include 50 percent coverage of live plant material, not including tree canopies. Artificial turf that meets the standards in Section 7-2-127 may be counted toward up to half of the required live plant material.

f. One tree per 300 square feet of minimum required setback shall be required in addition to other applicable tree requirements.

g. All Landscaping shall be maintained in a healthy, neat, and orderly condition, free of weeds and litter.

h. All areas of a developed Lot or parcel not occupied by a Building or required parking shall be landscaped in accordance with City ordinances and the approved landscape plan.

(3) Parking required by this Title shall not be located within required Front Yard or Side Yard setbacks adjacent to public or private Streets.

(4) Outside storage of materials, equipment, household items, garbage, Junk, refuse, rubbish, residential solid waste, construction or demolition waste, any item stored or accumulated for the purpose of discarding, or any item not used for its original intended purpose is prohibited. All such materials must be stored in a completely enclosed Structure, such as a garage or shed. Agriculture equipment used on the property is excluded.

(5) Where a developed Lot does not conform to all Landscaping requirements except those in Chapter 7-10, such Lot shall be brought into compliance upon the occurrence of any one of the following:

a. Any action which increases the floor area of the premises by more than 30 percent.

b. Any action which, when combined with one or more previous expansions, causes the aggregate area of expansion to exceed 30 percent of the original floor area of the premises.

(6) The area of Attached Private Garages shall be limited to the total above grade area of the associated Dwelling Unit.

(7) In addition to the height limitations included in Sections 7-6-202 and 7-6-204, the height of Attached Private Garages shall be limited to 14 feet, except as provided below. For Dwelling Units with a height greater than 14 feet, the height of Attached Private Garages shall be limited to the height of the associated Dwelling Unit or 20 feet, whichever is less. Attached Private Garages with living space above the Private Garage may exceed the height of the associated Dwelling Unit if the living space above the Private Garage is accessible to the rest of the living space within the associated Dwelling Unit without going through the Private Garage or outside.

(Ord. No. 18-13 § 2 Amended 05/08/2018; Ord. No. 20-14 § 2 Amended 03/17/2020; Ord. No. 22-15 § 3 Amended 04/12/2022)