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The Use limitations outlined in Section 7-6-301 shall be imposed to limit the full range of Uses permitted in the underlying zone. In addition, the following Uses are also prohibited:

(1) Welding and fabrication

(2) Outside Storage that is not completely screened (except operable vehicles and equipment for sale or lease, and trucks and trailers associated with an approved business)

(3) Fast Food Establishments with drive-up windows unless the following conditions are met:

a. The Fast Food Establishment shall be part of a multi-tenant Building with only one drive-through.

b. The Building square footage used by or accessible to Fast Food Establishments shall be less than or equal to the Building square footage used by or accessible to other tenants within the Building.

c. The view of the drive-through area from the Street shall be minimized through Landscaping, berming, and/or other screening.

d. The drive-up window shall be placed on the side or rear of the multi-tenant Building.

e. The drive-up window shall comply with the Drive-Through Window Standards in Section 7-11-314.

(4) Automotive Sales, Automobile Service and Automotive parts sales between 2455 South and 3100 South.