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(1) Definition. Without limitation, the need to procure very specialized services, or services as a part of confidential matters, may arise when:

a. The City’s needs are of a specific and highly specialized nature, and a general solicitation would not be beneficial to produce a Person who can meet those needs because of the scarcity of service providers, nature of the expertise needed, conflicts of interest, or other reason.

b. The services relate to confidential matters, and a solicitation process might disclose or result in adverse consequences with respect to information that is private or confidential. These matters can arise in connection with legal issues, security issues, undercover police activities, and similar matters.

c. The product or service is only available on a very limited or one-time only basis.

(2) Process. To procure on this basis, the Purchasing Agent shall place a written determination in the procurement file stating the required service, and explaining why a solicitation process would not be beneficial or would damage confidential interests. The Purchasing Agent, Department Head, or Employee designated by Department Head, shall negotiate and use all appropriate means to obtain the best price available.

(Ord. No. 03-07 Enacted 01/21/2003; Ord. No. 09-14 Amended 05/31/2009)