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(1) The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) is appointed by the City Manager.

(2) The ALJ position may be a merit or contract position and is subject to all personnel rules, except as provided in Subsection 3-2-104(3).

(3) The ALJ may not be disciplined for any decision made while conducting a hearing, as long as the decision is lawful and made in accordance with City ordinances, City policy and procedure, and policies of the ALD.

(4) The ALJ shall be trained and knowledgeable in misdemeanors, traffic laws, and due process.

(5) The ALJ position is not a supervisory position. The ALJ is supervised by the Assistant City Manager.

(Ord. No. 99-42 Repealed & Replaced 07/02/1999; Ord. No. 11-29 Amended 12/13/2011)