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In addition to any penalties which may be imposed pursuant to this Chapter, the Division may do the following:

(1) Remove any of the obstructions described in Section 18-9-104 and also, any pipelines or other devices installed in violation of the provisions of this Title;

(2) Give written notice to Persons in violation of the provisions of this Title requiring the removal of offending installations from natural channels or other storm drainage facilities. Notices may be personally served or may be mailed to violators by registered mail provided that a copy is also posted on offending installations for a period of 10 days. If such installations are not removed within 10 days after notice is given, the Division may affect removal at the expense of the Person in violation and may recover its costs and expenses therefor; and/or

(3) Bring an action for the abatement of the nuisance caused by the offending installation, and/or for the recovery of the City’s costs and expenses incurred in removing the offending installation pursuant to Subsections (1) or (2), above.

(Ord. No. 03-19 Enacted 03/06/2003)